Withings Steel HR Sport signals a new start

Withings Steel HR sports watch is the first from the reinvigorated smart device company.

Withings is back with a new look after taking itself back from Nokia. Additionally, it finds itself with a strengthened focus on connected health and the first new product under its original brand. The Steel HR Sport. The multi-sport hybrid smartwatch offers heart rate monitoring, connected GPS tracking and Fitness Level analytics – an estimation of VO2 max.

Furthermore, the device boasts 25-days of battery life.

“With its advanced sport and health tracking capabilities, Steel HR Sport is a perfect example of how Withings is delivering against its original mission to help better manage health,” said Eric Carreel, CEO of Withings. “The public reaction to the return of Withings is extraordinary and renews my belief that elegantly designed devices with health tracking abilities can dramatically improve individual and society’s health.”

Steel HR Sport

 Withings Steel HR

Back in 2014, Withings announced the Activité. This was the first analogue watch with activity tracking features. Steel HR Sport continues this tradition with a premium design blended with smart health and sports features for analytics.

Features of the new smartwatch include 316L stainless steel and a 40mm case that is water resistant up to 50M (5ATM). Available in both white and black face variants, it is equally eye-catching in sporting or social settings.

The main analogue face of Steel HR shows the time. Also, the sub-dial shows the percentage of daily activity goals achieved. Goals are set and managed within the Health Mate app.

Withings Steel HR

Additionally, the OLED display shows health and sports data such as daily steps, calories, distance and heart rate. Navigation of this data is via the push of a button. The display also shows smartphone notifications, which appear automatically along with a discrete vibration.

Steel HR Sports

Steel HR Sport offers dedicated multisport tracking for over 30 different activities. So, no matter your choice; from yoga to volleyball, from rowing to boxing, skiing or ice hockey, you’ll be tracked and measured.

Simply select the chosen activity on the watch display and start your workout session. During workout sessions, Steel HR Sport continuously tracks and displays heart rate and the duration of the workout directly on the watch screen.

Withings HR Steel

Steel HR Sport is the first in the range to feature GPS connectivity. Once paired with a smartphone, you can track pace, distance, and elevation. Also, you can map workouts while walking, running or cycling. Pace, distance and continuous heart rate are displayed on the watch face screen and can be tracked live on your phone.

Day and night companion

Withings HR Steel

The device’s tracking ability is not limited to the waking hours. Steel HR Sport is also a sophisticated sleep tracker. While you’re asleep the smartwatch measures length and quality of your sleep and will award an overall Sleep Score in the Health Mate app.

Price and availability

Priced £189.95, Steel HR Sport is available starting September 18, 2018, from www.withings.com, Amazon and selected retailers.

Available in both a white and black face variant with each coming with a grey silicone band. Additional exchangeable wristbands can be purchased exclusively from Withings.

Steel HR Sport connects with the free Health Mate app, available both on Android and iOS. Health Mate also connects with a range of third-party apps such as Apple Health, Google Fit, or MyFitnessPal.