Wireless Charging Coming to Hertz Electric Cars

Evatrans plugless power discHertz has had elecrtic vehicles on its book of rentals for a while now and soon they may become plugless!

Hertz is teaming with Evatran to test out their cool Plugless Power discs- kinda sounds like something Pac Man might enjoy dunnit?

Thanks to improvements to Evatran’s neat little power discs they have become compact enough to warrant installing some at Hertz HQ headquarters this month.

Hertz, along with a number of other companies will be logging feedback on daily usage routines.

“Hertz is committed to its Global EV program, introducing electric vehicles into our rental fleet on three continents – North America, Asia and Europe,” commented Mark P. Frissora, Hertz Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “We’re excited to participate in Plugless Power’s pilot program so that we can be on the ground floor of this new technology; learning key findings about EV wireless charging. As we move forward our goal is to have a variety of charging options for EV customer use, aligned with the charging equipment installed by EV manufacturers.”

No word on when such technology might see wider distribution but I think more people would be inclined to go electric if charging was just a case of parking your car over a disc. It would also negate anyone forgetting to charge their vehicle.

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