Winki – MSI Internet Device With Odd Name

msi-winkiMSI have announced a new internet device called, of all things, MSI Winki.

Stop that sniggering!

I would say that we’d get used to the name but, lets face it, playing with someone’s Wii still cracks a smile.

MSI says that the Winki is a new internet interactive device without an operating system.

The Winki seems to be based on the good ol’ Linux OS.

The small device offers functions like built-in web browsing, immediate communication, VoIP calls, photo searching and more the more common PC functions.

As well as that Linux base MSI has all installations and settings simplified (!?!) and made more straightforward.  

MSI states that the MSI Winki starts up faster, uses less power, and will not have problems caused by virii like other full OS devices.

MSI only published screen shots of the Winki User interface so we still have to wait for pics and hardware details of the actual Winki device.

i4uVia this announcement from MSI.