Windows 8 Preview

Microsoft has started to reveal the next version of Windows in what appears to be a software version of the dance of the seven, or should that be eight, veils?

The teaser shows aspects of the rather creatively codenamed ‘Windows 8’ – fans of the Windows Phone 7 operating system may spot more than a few similarities 😉

Windows 8 is built for touchscreen devices as well as normal displays, and features a wall of dynamic tiled widgets that display information in a grid on the homescreen.

The intuitive tiles lets you bounce between mult-tasking programs, errr, apps just by swiping across the screen.

What’s new is that you can split the screen in two if you want to see more than one app running at the same time – not only that; there’s a new lock screen and several different homescreens to swipe between.

So – it’s basically a tablet interface then? Well, Microsoft is more than a little confident that it’ll work awesomely on desktop computers using the good ol’ fashioned keyboard and mouse double act.

Fortunately Microsoft says that all programs that you run on current versions of Windows will play nice with Windows 8 but all those that went over to Office 2010 know how being faced with a new interface can be a tad confusing until you figure your way around.

Microsoft’s not said when Windows 8 will launch – expect 2012 I reckon 🙂

Check out the vid:

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