Windows Phone 7 Mango versus iPhone 4 and Nexus S

Microsoft is pretty chuffed with itself as it has shown off the next Windows Phone 7 update at MIX11. Say hello to Mango.

Director of Windows Phone Program Management Joe Belfiore unveiled the new Mango update during his MIX11 keynote along with improved app navigation the focus was on the new Internet Explorer 9 web browser.

The new IE9 web browser seems to give hand WinPho7 a definite speed boost, especially in HTML5 performance.

Belfiore set up an HTML5 drag race between what looks like an HTC 7 Trophy Windows phone, an iPhone 4 and a Nexus S.

The WinPho7 handset is seen rendering the text demo a lot quicker than the iPhone 4 and finished ahead of the Nexus S – this was put down to IE9′s hardware acceleration.

You’ll also notice that audio and video embedded on sites load a lot quicker thanks to the HTML5-optimised tech. One neat trick is that streaming music is loaded so swiftly that you are able to fast-forward or skip it like it was actually stored on your device and treat it as such – even have it playing in the background when you quit out to go to the main menu.

HTML5 is looked upon as being pretty much the future standard for web content – hence Apple’s sometimes annoying stance against Adobe Flash.

Check out the video below and watch the text-based speed demo as well as Joe going through a lot of other neat new touches that Mango brings 🙂

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