Windows Phone 7 will Sync with Macs – What’s Still Missing?

Microsoft has confirmed that it will be releasing sync software that will let Windows Phone 7 owners bounce content directly from their OSX-packing Macs.

OK – So this might not be ‘hold-the-press’ worthy but only a few years ago there would’ve been a stalemate between Microsoft and Apple. Ahhhh…. the times are a-changing my gadgety friends 🙂

Microsoft didn’t say that the software would be available at the Windows Phone 7 availability date, 21 October, but promise that it will appear before the end of 2010.

In the words of the Big M: “Later in 2010 Microsoft will make a public beta available of a tool that allows Windows Phone 7 to sync select content with Mac computers.”

Now, that’s one wrinkle sorted but what else is missing from Windows Phone 7?

Well, how about that iPhone hot-potato; Flash? Early last year Flash was confirmed for Windows Phone 7, but the launch has happened and there seems to be a distinct lack of Flash integration in the OS. It’s certainly not in the browser yet, which is exactly where you want Flash support. Will Microsoft go for HTML5 instead? Apparently there’s a software update happening early next year so that’s when we’ll find out I guess.

Microsoft has confirmed that their new OS won’t have proper multitasking.  iPhone’s did take 3 years before getting it but can Windows Phone 7 do without it? In a sense it’s not that needed as things like music-playing and GPS are integrated into the interface itself.

Just like the iOS, Windows Phone 7 isn’t tailored for microSD card slot touting devices. Most of the launch phones don’t offer any form of memory expansion. At the moment the first wave of phones will feature 8GB or 16GB of storage. Don’t forget that 25GB of SkyDrive that you get as well 😉

Apps are a big deal (and income generator) and Windows Phone 7 has a reported 2000 apps and games on the way. It could still go either way until these are tested in the market place and how many developers get behind the new platform. Having the Xbox Live link should help but only time will tell.

From what I can gather there seems to be a lack of DivX/XviD support baked in. As I’ve mentioned before, Microsoft have a definite base-line spec for the new phones that want to sport Windows Phone 7 – as well as a decent processor the Big M expects a big screen. Odd then that they have decided not to make full use of the eye-pleaser with some sick vid skilz. Expect to see a slew of video-format converters making an appearance!

Anything else missing?

Let me know below 🙂

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