Windows 8 to have Ribbon User Interface

Following on from the leakage of Windows 8 details last week, more has found its way out onto the interwebolosphere and this time Microsoft’s plans for a ribbon interface are here for all to see!

No more the drop-down menus for Windows 8 – instead you’ll be pleased/plagued by the same user interface as previewed in Microsoft Office.

I do think that the ribbon interface is a fairly clear way of showing you the options of each menu item – but do we need it on everything we use in the Windows environment? It does slurp a lot of screen real estate for a start.

But, before we all start to write emails to Microsoft, remember that this is a beta version of the new OS.

Would you like a ribbon-based interface or are you happy with the Windows 7 style?

How about that tiled-style that was moshing around?

Let me know 🙂

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