Windows 7 Release Date Confirmed – 22 October 2009

windows7It’s now official: Windows 7 will appear on store shelves on 22 October this year – not in 2010.

The October release date was originally leaked by an Acer exec last month but now we have an actual day as well.

All retail versions of the new OS will be available in the UK at the same time as the US.

As for pricing – rumour has it that Windows 7 may end up costing more than Windows Vista does at the moment.

If you’re still thinking about buying Vista (odd people) the big M has confirmed that Vista customers will be eligible to take advantage of the Windows 7 Upgrade Option Programme, which “will be similar to previous upgrade programmes”.

In other words if you buy Vista after 26 June 2009, you’ll get Windows 7 for free or for very little.

More details as I get them.

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