Windows 7 Preorders Are Good to Go!


Windows 7 pre-orders are available from midnight today (Wednesday 15th) with Microsoft dangling an extra carrot in the form of a massive discount on the new software.

Windows 7 doesn’t actually arrive until 22nd October, but PC users can stake their claim on a copy for:

That’s a fair chunk of discountage right there compared with the RRPs of £149.99 and £219.99, respective!

Microsoft says its generosity is to reward loyal customers and Windows enthusiasts – so, nothing to do with that newly-announced Google Chrome OS that’s up for release in 2010 then?  😉

Those pre-orders start at 00:01 on Wednesday 15th July and you get slap your name down at Amazon, Currys and Argos to name a few.

Be quick though, there are only a limited amount of cheap copies up for grabs and once they’ve gone it’ll be back to those ouchy retail prices.

Check out Windows 7 pre-orders for more stuff 🙂

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