Windows 7 beta 1 Leaked on BitTorrent

win7betaleakCan’t wait to try out Windows 7?

Well, the Windows 7 Beta 1 that was to appear all public-like next month has been unleashed in a leaked stylee via BitTorrent.

The beta expires July 1, 2009, and from what I gather from various sources on the interweblogosphere, it’s a bit more stable than the versions people have been playing with over the last few months.

Don’t believe me?

ZDNet has had a blast with the beta over here, and remark:

This beta is of excellent quality. This is the kind of code that you could roll out and live with. Even the pre-betas were solid, but finally this beta feels like it’s “done.” This beta exceeds the quality of any other Microsoft OS beta that I’ve handled.

Head over to the links below to get a copy but remember you’re not actually supposed to have it yet!

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