Windows 10 Power Slider: new simple battery options

windows 10 power sliderFollowing on from the appearance of Windows 10 Game Mode, it’s unsurprising other new features are being tested by Microsoft. The latest is the new Windows 10 power slider.

This new feature is going to make it easier for users to adjust the power options on their PC.

Power slider = easier

They can use the slider to get the best possible performance or the best possible battery life from their machine. The power slider has been added to the main battery section of the taskbar in Windows 10.

windows 10 surfaceCurrently, users have to dig down in to the Control Panel interface to get access to the full range of adjustments. The slider will significantly improve the power management feature in Windows 10, which was needed.

The power slider feature is in the new Windows 10 build 15014 that’s being tested by Windows Insiders.

Other features

The build also has other new features. One of which is a new ebook store. This will let you purchase digital books and read them in the Edge browser.

The company will bring more battery life improvements in the upcoming test builds of Windows 10 and they will be released with the Windows 10 Creators Update in April.