Windows 10 is the low fat option according to Microsoft

windows 10I think that Microsoft is pretty excited about what they’re doing with Windows 10. The latest news is that it will take up much less space.

The big M seems to be drip-feeding us news nuggets about their next huge software release. This most recent slice should please everyone as Microsoft has managed to free up more storage space on computers running the new OS.

In a blog post earlier today, the company boasted about their new compression algorithm that saves 1.5GB of storage on 32-bit machines and 2.6GB of storage on 64-bit machines.

Win 10 space savingThanks to smart compression techniques, Microsoft promises that performance won’t take a huge hit on your machine. This, they say, will include mobile phones running the operating system.

All this cleverness will actually happen when you upgrade to Windows 10 as your computer will assesses its own performance and determine what compression factor to use.

On top of that, Microsoft has improved the Windows recovery tools to use less space. They no longer require a separate recovery image on disk to restore Windows to its original state, offering a saving of up to 12GB depending on the manufacturer.

I am sure that everyone appreciates a less bloated operating system. Heck, every gigabyte saved is space for more cat vids, right?