Wilson Audio Yvette lands in UK

Wilson Audio YvetteI have a real soft spot for Wilson Audio loudspeakers, especially the £105,000 Alexx. They are definitely what I’d class as aspirational, for the likes of me anyhow. Well, Wilson have just announced the release of the slightly more affordable Yvette speakers.

The new Yvette loudspeakers draw from Wilson’s rich tradition. But, perhaps more importantly, it derives its core technology directly from the enormous research and-development reservoir.

Wilson’s latest Sasha Series 2, the Alexia, and the leading-edge Alexx have all informed the Yvette project. In some cases, the Yvette has inherited identical components.

The family-run company fell that the Yvette is the most advanced and musically refined single-enclosure loudspeaker in Wilson’s history.


Like all recent Wilson loudspeakers, the Yvette is the beneficiary of Wilson’s state-of-the-art composites research.

The enclosure is built primarily from two Wilson-developed composites: the third generation of X-Material, an extremely well-damped and inert composite, and S-Material, which was developed for exquisite midrange performance.

Wilson Audio Yvette front and rearThe S-Material midrange baffle is angled to its own plane in order to optimise its time-domain relationship between the woofer below and the tweeter above. Wilson’s engineers have designed a new venting system for the midrange enclosure.

The tweeter baffle is built from X- Material, and, like the mid baffle, is optimised for time-domain performance and dispersion.


Tweeters with domes constructed from beryllium and diamond, the seemingly ubiquitous choice of many loudspeaker engineers, were tested, and rigorously compared to the latest version of Wilson’s Convergent Synergy Tweeter.

While many of these designs held promise on paper, they all fell well short of the musicality and coherence of Wilson’s tweeter.

[youtube id=”mEzow6pwlyA”]

The Yvette employs the MK III version of the Convergent Synergy Tweeter.

The MK III features Wilson’s latest thinking on rear-wave diffraction and ultra-low resonance rear chambers.

Wilson Audio Yvette homeIt mates seamlessly with Wilson’s proprietary midrange driver, which is the same unit found in the Alexandria XLF.

The ten-inch woofer chosen for the Yvette was (one of two woofers) originally developed for the Alexia, and is a cousin to the ten-inch in the Alexx and the upcoming WAMM.

These newest series of bass drivers are partially responsible for Wilson’s unique blend of dynamic contrast, impact, speed, and musicality.

Price and availability

I did say that the Yvettes are slightly more affordable and, compared to the Alexx, they are.

A pair of these new speakers from Wilson will cost you £28,880.

For more information check out www.absolutesounds.com