Will.i.am i.am+ foto.sosho cam.era re.veal.ed (it clips to your iPhone)

will.i.am iphone.cameraThere are those that love a celeb endoresement and Will.i.am will no doubt score large with his upcoming iPhone accessory range named i.am+ foto.sosho.

The i.am+ foto.sosho camera clips snugly around an iPhone and has the power to boost your Apple blower with 14-megapixels, and a keyboard (depending on the model)!

The punctuated picture-taker has a range of four different models that offer different lens types, a built-in flash, with photo editing smarts. Those lenses include standard, fish-eye, wide and zoom, and options will be available for the iPhone 4 and 4S, as well as the more recent iPhone 5.

If you want in but have the latest iPhone then you’ll have to wait til after Christmas. The good news is that those that have kept their trusty iPhone 4/4S will be able to get their mits on a foto.sosho on December 6th.

The iPhone 5 models will have a new sensor and flash though – possibly worth the wait?

‘Contemporary’ and ‘vintage’ models are available, with the contemporary option selling for £199 and the gold-trim vintage offering priced at an eye-watering £299 – but you do get a slide-out keyboard… Well, that.s al.right.then!

Thankfully there’s a free accompanying app which will offer Instagram style filters and social sharing capabilities. Hopefully it will state that you’re using an expensive bit of kit to take amusing cat photos in sepia tones.

I.am very interested to see if the new sensor and lens do actually increase the image quality.

Will.i.am says “You dock you phone into our device and it turns you smartphone into a genius-phone” following up with the fact that they were developed at “the cost of two DJ gigs”.

Ah, but it wont turn your iPhone in to a TARDIS will it? I’m also guessing that those gigs weren’t at a local Workingman’s Club.

The trendy gadgets will be available exclusively from Selfridges.

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