Wiimote Charging From Sanyo – Eneloop

Given that the Wii is stoopidly addictive all you eco-friendly Wii-fans will probably feel a little guilty at the amount of AA batteries you’ve thrown out.

Fear no-longer as Sanyo has come up with the Eneloop charging station.

It comes complete with a battery pack replacement for your Wiimote and a charging base that can support as many as four controllers at once.

I like the way it kinda looks like a rifle rack……..kinda……..a bit……perhaps…….?

Remotes take about 220 minutes to recharge and Eneloop will even charge sequentially so you don’t have to wait an extra couple hours for your next hit of Wii-action.

Its available for $73 to import but I think that it should go global – just like the warming.


Akihabara News