Wi-Fi USB flash drive – Paketta by King Jim

paketta by King JimUSB flash drives. We must have seen the limits of these handy storage dumps by now. Novel, handy and (almost) amusing designs and faster transfer speeds seems to be as far as it goes. How about Wi-Fi enabled?

That’s exactly where King Jim was coming from with Paketta.

Paketta is equipped with built-in Wi-Fi B, G, N hardware so that it can wirelessly broadcast its contents to PCs and mobile devices.

Shove the Paketta in to a computer (it’s powered by USB) and the special piece of software will enable any devices to access it wirelessly.

Paketta will play nicely with Windows 7 and iOS devices with Windows 8 and OS X versions of the app hopefully being available next year.

King Jim Paketta

The 8GB version costs £71, and the 16GB is £105 and is available in Japan this month.

Yeah, you’re paying about £50 for it being wireless but then – it’s a tiny Wi-Fi network drive!

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