Wi-Fi Now Live at 41 London Tube Stations – Update Your Status Underground

tfl underground tube wifiYou can now get your Gadgety on at 41 London Underground stations thanks to Virgin’s internet love.

The free Virgin Wi-Fi service (which launched four weeks ago at select stations) has already served more over 100,000 Tube passengers.

The service allows travellers to access the web from the ticket hall to the train platform.

Even though there’ll be no access in the tunnels, that part only lasts a few moments before you pop out the other-side and more free Wi-fi joy!

Passengers will be able to access all websites and services for free until the end of the Summer, after which the Wi-Fi portal (consisting of TfL travel info, updates, London news and entertainment) will continue to be free.

Non-Virgin Media customers will, however, have to pay extra for access to the rest of the internet.

The good news is that up to 120 stations are planned to be hooked up by the end of 2012!

Check out Virgin’s station guide for the full up-to-date list of Wi-Fi-enabled stations. I expect a variety of Instagram Tube pics as well as tube related Twitter and Facebook updates stating “I’m doing this underground!” and the likes.

Now, just to get that Canopy concept installed.

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