Widget microphones from Gibson look Neat

neat microphoneGibson’s Neat Microphones brand has seemingly appeared from a retro-futuristic land with a trio of colourful new mics that promise to make you sound better on your next podcast or video call.

This new line of mics, named the Widgets, come in three playful designs that look like they were taken from the mind of a child in the 50s who was asked to imagine what a newscaster of the future might use.

I like them and find their weird-yet-wonderful designs really appealing. If you squint, they could almost look like modern works of art. Almost.

gibson microphonesThe Widget ‘a’, ‘b’, and ‘c’ mics (the green, red and blue model, respectively) all feature adjustable height shockmounts, a pop filter to help record those tricky ‘B’, ‘P’ and ‘T’ sounds, and a simple USB cable so they can be hooked up to your computer without the need for a pre-amp, adapters, or a messy break-out cable.

The Widget ‘a’ is the catch-all mic designed for all home or office microphone use, while the Widget ‘b’ is positioned more for use with Skype or other teleconferencing applications.

The Widget ‘c’ appears to be the the fanciest of the three as it is packing additional “digital circuitry” to maximise audio quality and please the discerning ears of musicians, or podcast hosts who don’t want listeners to know they’re being recorded in their bedroom.

The three Widget mics will land on this planet on November 15th and will all be priced at $99 – so, probably, £99. It looks like Dawsons and Rich Tone might stock them in the UK as they currently have the bee-styled range.

Could these be a more colourful challenger to the Blue mics?