Wickr – Free iPad and iPhone app Brings James Bond Level Encryption and MI Self Destruct

Wickr logoWhether you’re a business person or a spy – chances are that there are people out there that would love to have access to your confidential chats. Perhaps you should check out a new free iOS app called Wickr which has “military grade” encryption smarts.

A team of security experts got together to create Wickr, an iOS app that provides “military grade” encryption to messages and conversations.

Wickr not only encrypts your texts it strips the metadata from audio, video, and image files so that no one can trace the information.

You can even set a self-destruct timer on anything sent in a Mission Impossible stylee!

The app overwrites deleted data with unreadable text to the point that any deleted data becomes impossible to forensically recover. This is getting all a little bit James Bond now isn’t it?

OK – if you’re working both sides and wanted to share some secret plans that have been sent to you, there’s always iOS’s ability to take screenshots and email them, but the Wickr team are apparently planning to implement a feature that notifies the sender if this happens.

For a free app that’s a lot of covert cleverness – you can pay for extras such as sending larger files but that’s ok.

Just remember, your recipient also needs to have Wickr loaded on their iPad or iPhone – but it is free.

This article will self-destruct in…….

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