Why, why, EMI? – Not Moving Forward Are You?

EMI LogoWhen the major record label was taken over by private equity the promise to “take a new approach”

They were even pointing to examples like Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails as the way to go if I remember correctly.

It all looked promising when they were threatening to leave the RIAA and the IFPI and they got in some new techy talent.

Unfortunately the latest news is that EMI has sued both Hi5 and VideoEgg over user-uploaded videos that includes some EMI music.

Ok, under the DMCA, these sites are not responsible for any infringement from its users – and if EMI has a legal beef with anyone, it would be those who uploaded the content.

But, of course, it sues the people that might actually have money.

Hmmmmm, you know, that “new approach” to the industry is looking quite a bit like the old approach now isn’t it?

Hunting down and threatening your fans and the websites that actually help ‘promote’ your acts for free isn’t going to go down too well is it?

What do you reckon the results are going to be?

Do you agree with EMI’s approach?