White iPhone 4S Spotted in Wild – iPhone 5?

Get your salt ready and take a good hand-full. This, could be, possibly the iPhone 4S.

Yup, iPhone 4S and not iPhone 5.

You see, the folk over at MIC Gadget say that they reckon, as per Apple’s previous roadmap, that the next gen iPhone will be a mild refresh and not the huge shift proposed by some. Think the step from 3G to 3GS.

As you can see in the pictures – the ‘iPhone 4S’ has a marginally bigger screen with an edge-to-edge design and the new proximity sensor as seen on the white iPhone 4 recently.

Is this a glimpse at the next iPhone? Is this a tweaked tester handset rocking an A5 processor and the new screen size but in an iPhone 4 body?

I reckon the iPhone 4S is more likely than the 3.7-inch screen MacBook Air/iPod Touch rumour 😉

Let me know what you think.

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