Whirlpool MAX Mood Microwave Released – Can an Oven Make You Smile?

Whirlpool MAX Mood controls Nocturnal Blue June 2012We all know that food and mood are closely linked. Heck, there’s but a letter’s difference! After a good meal it is hard not sit there with a satisfied smug smile on your face. Some get pleasure from cooking, some from growing natural produce, I get pleasure from stuffing myself with cookies – but how often does your appliances give you good vibes? Well, the Whirpool MAX Mood microwave wants to give it a go.

Whirlpool has just announced their latest microwave oven range, the MAX Mood and I was intrigued by the invitiation which taunted me with the promise of a “mood enhancing microwave” so what was this all about?

The clever and compact MAX Mood does look good in its range of Cosmopolitan Pink, Nocturnal Blue and Sensual Rouge.  The three inspirational colours appear on the body of the microwave oven and are complemented with a pastel shade on the door for all you designery types out there.

What did strike me is that Whirlpool’s MAX Mood microwave oven has a unique ‘curved’ shape design at the back. Not only does it break the mould from all the techno-slabs that have graced my kitchen, that curvey back also means that it fits neatly in a corner, saving valuable worktop space. That did make me smile 🙂

Sitting there looking no larger than a small portable TV (the controls sit under the door and have lovely blue LEDs) it still manages to boast a 13-litre interior and can fit plates up to 28cm in diameter.

The versatile MAX Mood is endowed with 700W of power and brags high quality cooking performance at the speed of a microwave.

The cleverness contiues thanks to Whirlpool’s CRISP function which enables the microwave to bake, brown and crisp food to perfection. Yup, this little machine can do more than reheat last night’s curry and do the odd high-speed jacket spud!

Sling in the CRISP plate for 2 minutes by itself and that bad-boy will be preheated to around 210°C!

Making your own pizza from scratch takes moments. Whack in your raw dough and choice of toppings and hit the go button and, in no time at all, the clever MAX Mood has crisped the pizza base whilst the 600W grill element has finished off your toppings to perfection.

Dean McKelvie, Product Marketing Manager, Freestanding, Whirlpool, stated that: “Colour in the kitchen is a key trend for today’s consumer, and our new highly sophisticated MAX Mood collection of microwave ovens features three fashionable and eye-catching colours to make a soft-focus in the kitchen.” and went on to say that “The microwave ovens boast state-of-the-art cooking technology, and provide fast, efficient and excellent performance with unrivalled functionality. And as part of the MAX 38 microwave oven range, the MAX Mood models have the coveted Which? Best Buy status.”

I do love my foody tech and I don’t care who knows it. I was really impressed by the Whirlpool MAX Mood. Ok, it didn’t give me a Shiatsu massage, take me through a Tai Chi class or indulge me in a Primal Screaming session but it did lift my mood to see an appliance that wasn’t just presented in a functional colour or even just functionally built. It looks good, is compact enough for a London bedsit… err… studio and is able to make REAL food and not just defrost some own-brand chicken nuggets.

Stay tuned for a hands-on review 😉

For stockist details go to www.whirlpool.co.uk  and expect the prices to range from £140-£180 depending where you buy from.


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