What Mini Gaming PC Under £1,000 to Buy in 2011?

Gadgety faithful I need your assistance.

My trusty gaming laptop has started showing signs that it is not long for this world – but it has been used on average 5 hours per day, every day since I bought it back in March 2008.

It still can play the modern titles and has travelled about the UK with me as my mobile entertainment centre and recording studio along with my TC Electronic Impact Twin.

Now the time has come to start looking around at a replacement for the venerable workhorse.

Instead of buying another hernia inducing desktop replacement ‘laptop’ I have decided to head towards a small form factor desktop puter – I am aiming to get more bang for my buck and if I need to move the unit around I’ll just shove it in a wheeled suitcase or large backpack 😉

The thing is that there seems to be quite a few to choose from and I would like to know your thoughts.

Obviously spanky graphics and sound cards should be in the mix as would SSD for the C: drive and 1-2 TB of storage ideally.  I reckon that I should also be getting Intel’s i5 or i7.

I’m liking the look of the Cryo Pico and its base spec does look good and the option to sling in that SSD is a good thing.

Another puter based using Lian-Li’s Q08 is Dino’s Pico. It is ok but only seems to have an option for one internal drive on the site, which would have to be SSD, and then an external HDD. Also Wi-Fi comes via a USB dongle. Hmmm………..

Easy PC have some nicely spec’ed machines based on the Shuttle SX58J3 case but I’m not sure if they have room for the SSD.

Ambrose also build on the Shuttle J3 case but the prices get a bit too scary for me.

So that’s the story so far – should I buy components and put one together myself? Will it really work out any better/cheaper?

I would really appreciate any help, advise and notes of your own personal experience 🙂



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