What Do Gadgety People of the UK Want From the iTablet?

Top shopping website VoucherCodes.co.uk commissioned a survey of 3,000 people across the nation, which lays bare what Britons want from Apple’s latest creation and what they might be prepared to pay for it.

Worryingly for Apple CEO Steve Jobs, price is a key concern for British shoppers.

The OnePoll survey of 3,000 people from across the UK revealed that 54% of British consumers would consider buying the Apple iTablet, however, 25% would only buy it if it was the right price.

46% of British consumers indicated that they would only be prepared to spend £250 on the Apple iTablet a long way off what the most recent rumour has it as.

More encouragingly if the new device has strong gaming functionality then there would appear to be a huge opportunity for Apple to take the lucrative gaming industry by storm. 49% of British shoppers indicated that they would find an Apple iTablet a more desirable gaming device than the Nintendo DS or a Sony PSP if it could play games.

Do People Want It?

  • 54% in total would consider buying an Apple iTablet
  • 25% would buy it at the right price
  • 8% would buy it with the right features
  • 14% will wait for Apple to iron out any bugs
  • 2% would buy it immediately
  • 40% see no use for or have no interest in it

What Would People Pay?

  • 46% of British consumers would only be prepared to spend £250 on the Apple iTablet
  • 25% would pay £500
  • 21% would pay less than £100

What Do People Most Want It To Do?

  • Web browser
  • Download and read books, magazines and newspapers on the go
  • Download and view movies on a high resolution screen
  • Download, manage and play music
  • Writing slate that converts handwriting to text

What Do People Want to Read on the Apple iTablet?

  • Books (54%)
  • Newspapers (48%)
  • Work or Study Documents (26%)
  • Blogs (20%)
  • Adult material (7%)

What Would People Pay for a Weekly Newspaper Subscription on the iTablet?

  • Nothing (Free) (35%)
  • Less than £1 (17%)
  • £1 (12%)
  • £2 (16%)
  • £3 (5%)


  • 49% of British shoppers would prefer an Apple iTablet to a Nintendo DS or a Sony PSP if it could play games.

Most Popular Names for the Apple iTablet

  • iTablet (27%)
  • iPad (25%)
  • iSlate (12%)

Least Popular Names for the Apple iTablet

  • iBrick (1.43%)
  • iChunk (1.87%)
  • iSlab (2.13%)


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