Werewolves Don’t Get Caught Out Thanks to Moonwatch

Personally I think that Vampires get the best styles but now here’s a little summink for the more fluffy fiends out there.

The hours and minutes are a little pedestrian to watch fly-by if you’re a supernatural being so now you can check out the cycle of the Moon. That’s a lot more interesting.

Yup, the Moonwatch is meant to establish some sort of a “relationship between the moon cycle and a person’s emotional state” – there’s some ladies I know that could do with this let alone werewolves…. unless….. Hmmm.. Ginger Snaps springs to mind for some reason.

When you’re bored of looking like a fan of Twilight or someone who needs to avoid someone’s PMT you can push a button to show the regular time telling of minutes and hours.

I’m guessing surfers might get some use out of this as well – you know, coz of the tides and stuff…..

Details can be found here.

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