WearCam Life blogging camera released

wearcam-2Today the world says hello to a brand new wearable video camera, the WearCam, made by award winning UK company UCam247.

Do you think people overshare on social media already? Well, better get yourself strapped in as Life Blogging is coming.

The not-so-imaginatively named WearCam strips bare the body worn camera to focus on what matters most.

Ease of use

At the forefront of WearCam is its simplicity. A tap of the capture button snaps a picture or a 3 second press begins rolling video.

The ability for just about anyone to document moments on-the-fly and share with friends and family is made easier than ever.

If you’re going to wear a camera it has to be fairly discrete. Thankfully this one has a diameter of only 4.5cm and weighs just 26g.

Capture on the move

The camera takes 5 megapixel photos and offers 720p HD video recording. The latter can be up to 2 hours in a continuous stretch on a single charge. The WearCam supports micro SD cards up to 32GB in size.

Unlike a digital camera or mobile phone the WearCam has no viewfinder, meaning no need to take eyes off the action. With a wide angle, infinity focus lens you should be able to grab crystal clear images and videos without issue.

Time lapse

In time lapse mode WearCam is suited to continuous life-logging from dawn to dusk. Whereas, in normal use, it’s ideal for simply capturing moments with family and friends.

wearcam-logoThe cam’s built-in rechargeable battery has a standby duration of up to 7 days.

Bare-boned and toothless

As Ms Bindu Gor, Marketing Manager for UCam247 puts it:

Wearable cameras with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability invariably leave users frustrated. Not only do they cause unnecessary battery drain but because of the slow speeds involved in transferring HD video from a camera to a mobile phone or tablet it can make using one an unforgiving experience”

Besides, shifting 32GB of video to your phone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi is going to take a while. Instead, the WearCam simply connects to a Windows or Apple Mac PC/laptop over USB.

Supplied with a neck strap and splash-proof sleeve, the all-purpose WearCam makes a wearable camera simple and ultimately fun to use by centring on an ultra compact clip-on design with functional credentials.

Enabling the effortless taking of high quality pictures and video of life on-the-go, coupled with a quick and easy way to review them for uploading and sharing.

WearCam price and availability

WearCam is available now exclusively on Amazon.co.uk. With an RRP of £49.99 it doesn’t break the bank either, making it a truly affordable everyday action camera.

Visit www.wearcam.co.uk and for more information and demo videos.