Wayve Hello to the Multimedia Post-It Note

wayveThere’s a Microsoft funded Research team somewhere in the UK developing a device that combines the office-gold that is the Post-it note with its own Social Network service called Wayve.

It kinda looks like a digital photo frame but this has a touchscreen that allows you to write messages on ‘sticky notes’ as reminders to feed the plants or water the cat.

As well as leaving messages or sketching ‘amusing’ drawings you’ll be able to tap in notes via an onscreen keyboard – you’ll have the option to let the software attempt to convert the scrawl into text.

Once you’ve sketched or written your stuff you’ll then be able to send it to anyone who’s got a mobile phone as an MMS or save it for the house to see when they get in.

Not so handy in the drawing department? Just take a snap with the built-in camera with that empty milk carton AGAIN to get your point across.

The device doesn’t handle video yet but a spokesperson working on the device didn’t rule this out for future video calls.
No word on a date for release apart from “mid 2009” and the prices for one is £150 or if you buy two you’ll get them for £99 each. You’ll have a choice of Pay As You Go or a Message Plan.

Useful or not?

What do you think?