Watch Google Eclair in Video Action – Android 2.0

Google Android EclairWe all know about Donut and most of us will have heard about Eclair (Google could hardly hide the huge Eclair you see in the picture could they?).

Nah – I haven’t changed GadgetyNews into a bakery blog: I’m chatting bout Google‘s Android versions of course!

Android 2.0 (Eclair) has been flashed on a video so that you can marvel at it through the marvel of moving pictures.

Eclair looks pretty spanky actually and the fresh features inclucde new APIs for developers to sync lots of different accounts to the phone (the Bluetooth multiplayer link is pretty natty), a new on-screen keyboard, a boosted browser, as well as support for HTML5. You can now double tap the browser for zooming in and….. well, watch the vid or take a look here.

Check out the simple genius of the Quick Contacts bar – poke a name and like the iPhone‘s contact sheet you get every single way you can contact them: phone number, SMS, IM and email but all in one line.

So – without further spoilers av a gander below 🙂

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