Wanting a Free iPad? Join Leicester Council!

In a move to cut their £90,000 paper bill Leicester council is planning to spend £40,000 on iPads – one for each of its 54 councillors.

The top of the range 3G, 64GB models will be dished out to all by May 2011.

So far council members have been enjoying the iPad’s light weight when compared to laptops as well as its PDF reading skills.

The council leader, Ross Grant, said, “Whenever a constituent stops me in the street I can write down and begin researching their problem immediately on the iPad, because I’m connected to the internet right around the city.”

The main cloud over this seeming happy story is that Leicester council has ruffled some feathers seeing as they are supposed to be cutting 1,000 jobs and looking to cut spending.

“I suppose it’ll be handy to have, but the expense is a little bit awkward at a time of cuts.”

Hopefully the £50,000 that they should be saving by using the iPad’s will become a reality.

What do you reckon?

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