Want a Foosball table for Christmas?

ipad foosballFoosball is fun. End of. But not everyone can afford a table at home or, for that matter, has room for a tablefootball set up. How about a full-featured foosball table using your iPad?

Bringing the classic bar game right up-to-date, New Potato Technologies have created an outstanding iPad housing that serves as a full-fledged foosball table.

Not only does it look like a mini-tablefootball, thanks to its stubby legs and eight two-axis control rods, it plays like one. The ball, spinny players, and sound effects are all provided by the free accompanying app.

Although it does look like it can support up to four players, you will have to *really* know those other three people, as I am guessing it wil be rather snug around that iPad.

It strikes me as a fun and more portable way to enjoy foosball – but, at £100, this might be one for Santa to bring.

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