Want a smartphone that lasts a week before needing a charge?

IE weeklong iPhone 6As smartphones become more powerful, they need more juice. Fact. Most iPhone 6 owners will rejoice if they manage to get a full day on a single charge, but there is hope. One modified iPhone 6 can last a while week – thanks to hydrogen fuel cells.

This slab of gadgety genius is brought to you by British company, Intelligent Energy.

Intelligent Energy created the modified weeklong iPhone 6 by fitting it with a miniaturised version of a hydrogen fuel cell system found in cars. The company is now considering pricing the cartridges with the intention of selling them.

This is pretty cool news but what’s even cooler is that this one-of-a-kind smartphone was reportedly created in conjunction with Apple. This could mean that the fuel cell could even be sold built into new iPhones or, at least, be available from Apple stores.

The hydrogen-powered iPhone still uses its rechargeable battery but also has a hydrogen source to charge it. The only visible difference to a normal iPhone 6 is a small vent to let out an imperceptible amount of water vapour, plus a modified headphone port for refilling the cell.

iphone 6 hydrogen cellThe model that will be available to the pubic would be a disposable cartridge that slots onto the bottom of a smartphone and can keep the device running for a week. Presumably this could work on other smartphones too.

Mark Lawson-Statham, the company’s corporate finance chief says

Our view is that this is a couple of years out but really it’s about how quickly does our partner want to press the button and get on with it?”

This is almost as cool as charging your phone using air.