WalkCar – the laptop sized electric vehicle

WalkCar portable electric vehicleWhilst we are still waiting for hoverboards to be commercially available there’s mini-segway portable transports. The latest on the block is a departure from the two-wheeled design. Cocoa Motors has unveiled heir portable electric vehicle called the WalkCar which looks like a baking-tray on wheels but has the power and traction to provide a viable portable electric powered mobility solution.

WalkCar has been designed to provide users with an electric vehicle (EV) which can be stored in a courier bag or similar when not in use but is also  powerful enough to push along a passenger weighing 120kg (just under 19 stone).

The WalkCar is powered by a rechargeable battery and is capable of tootling you along at a top speed of 6.2 mph and will take you 7.5 miles. To get the juice back in you just need to hook it up via USB for three hours – handy for charging at the office.

To steer this laptop-sized vehicle is like any of the other portable EVs out there, just bend your body towards where you want to go and you’re heading there.

The WalkCar is expected to launch during next spring when it will be available to buy for around £500 or 100,000 yen.

A Kickstarter campaign will also be launching in October 2015 to help raise funds to take the concept into production so there may be bargains to be had for early birds.

Check out the video, especially the bit where someone riding a WalkCar is pushing a trolley full of boxes up an incline.

[youtube id=”-MS0w7h1RHk”]