w00tAnother nail in the coffin for correct English or just the evolution of a living language?  

Woot, sorry, w00t, has been voted the ‘Word of the Year’. 

If you’re not familiar with this word it is used in the parlance of online gamers and those that use various online messenging services. 

The expression “w00t” is utilisied to express triumph.  

Visitors to Merriam-Webster’s Web site were invited to vote for one of 20 words and phrases culled from the most frequently looked-up words on the site and submitted by readers. “w00t” was hailed as word of the year followed by “facebook”.

A separate survey of words used in the media and on the Internet by California-based Global Language Monitor produced a different set of winners. “Hybrid” was the word of the year and “climate change” was the top phrase.

The English language is becoming more and more a globalized language every year,” said Global Language Monitor president Paul Payack, noting that this year’s list included words also culled from India, Singapore, China and Australia.

Reuters via New Launches