VW Amarok: a sleeker way to get the job done

amarok Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles’ Amarok was originally the brand’s answer to a luxury off-roading vehicle when it first launched in 2011. Powerful, easy to manoeuvre and with a hefty amount of cargo space, it met the challenge head on.

Fast forward to 2017 and the newest range of the VW Amarok is making its way onto the market. Designers heeded the calls for a larger, more robust V6 engine and have replaced the old model’s 2.0L TDI four-cylinder with one that’s 3.0 TDI and available in three states of tune. All things considered, with the Amarok, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles have undoubtedly shot themselves up to the top of the class as far as midsize pickups go, offering not only one of the largest pickups around, but one that’s going to be the most enjoyable to drive.

vw amarokWith the new launch, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles have released a video showing drivers just how effective the Amarok can be in extraordinary terrain. Get this hunk off the road and it’ll show you something really special.

[youtube id=”247Ov4uj8Qs”]

For the video, the team behind Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles shipped two driving duos up to the Lake District and challenged them to take the Amarok off-roading. The video sees them driving over slick rock faces, winding through fields and mud and spinning donuts in the sand, all the while showing off the truck’s lengthy range of features. The Amarok’s roomy double-cab that clocks in at 2.5-square metres in width easily shoulders a bundle of logs the groups are tasked with picking up, while the spacious three-seater back accommodates a soggy sheep dog along the way.

volkswagen amarokGiven its size and power – the most powerful version has an incredible 550Nm of torque – you’d think riding in an Amarok might feel like being in the back of a lorry, but the ride is shockingly smooth compared to similar trucks in its class. Which makes sense, seeing as it’s designed to feel like a car from the interior while performing like a small tugboat.

All things considered, the Amarok is a force to be reckoned with as far as dual-functioning vehicles go, sleek one second and powerful the next. It’s a bona fide monster of muscles by day and a polished pickup by night.


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