VuNow Pod Set-top Box Has Dedicated YouTube Channel

vunowSay hello to Versimo Networks VuNow Pod set-top box.

The VuNow is a hand-sized set-top box that picks out channels across the interweb and sends them straight to your TV without requiring your puter to be hooked up.

The channels include one solely for YouTube content, another for CinemaNow, a BitTorrent codec option and a “Global’ select channel that takes in choice clips from around the world.

VuNow’s Pod comes in a couple of flavours: The HD version is priced at $150 and a standard definition at $100.

The user interface is apparently pretty easy to find your way around with and is said to be basically modeled on the Apple TV UI.

The VuNow Pod also comes with the necessary video search engine, it’s wireless (though it does have an HDMI port), and requires no subscription fees.

You can also use the pod as a streamer for your personal media on a PC.

The VuNow pod is available now people!