Vsenn modular smartphone looks to challenge Project Ara

Vsenn modular phoneThose of you that have been following Google’s Project Ara modular smartphone must, like me, be getting rather excited. Now there’s another reason to get those gadgety glands going – Vsenn.

Even though Spiral 1 has been shown to all it might not be the only player for long.

The new Project Ara competitor comes in the form of Vsenn which is co-founded by a former Nokia Android X program manager and aims to give Ara a run for its money with a specific focus on privacy.

There is a little bit of information about the Vsenn smartphone but the more salient point is that it isn’t following Google’s path.

Unlike Project Ara, Vsenn will only have three swappable components; these bring its camera, battery and processor/RAM. At this stage it seems that the aim here isn’t full-on customisation, but more along the lines of upgradability. Which is still a smart move.

As well as the dimensions and specs given in the picture above, the start-up promises that the devices will have three layers of encryption, free access to a VPN network and secure cloud service, too.

The first model, as you can see, will feature a 4.7-inch full HD screen and run stock Android.

The press release states:

Global Availability

With a lower price than the charged by the current market leaders in the industry. Without any of the nonsense region locks and specific hardware specs for different global areas. We are a truly global brand and we invite everyone to join us.

Modular hardware

Allows you to upgrade your smartphone when you want. We use only the best and fastest hardware in our modules. There are three modules that you can upgrade and replace: Camera, Battery and Processor/RAM.

Proper mobile security

All the data on the phone is protected using triple layer encryption. For your safety and protection we provide free access to a VPN network and secure Cloud. Preserving data integrity and your privacy is our main priority.

Regular and fast Updates

Keep your phone running smooth, fast and perfectly optimized. We know how it is important to take care of our customers, that is why we offer pure Vanilla Android with guaranteed updates for the next 4 years.

Customisable looks

With back covers that can be changed easily and fast. You may choose from a variety of offers that look and feel just perfect. Durable and stylish to suit your lifestyle. Your imagination is the only limit that applies here.

They have told GadgetyNews that they will be posting updates mostly via their Twitter account so follow them for as-it-happens Vsenn news.