Volt-Couture. The Piezoelectric Dress

Piezing DressIn the world of geek-chic, solar-powered dresses are so ’06 daaaaahling!

The ladies in the know are all about piezoelectric material, just check out the rather natty Piezing.

Designed by Amanda Parkes, this piece of couture is set to steal the show at the 2ndSkin expo in San Francisco.

The outfit features electricity-generating fabrics around the joints of the elbows and hips. This means that as the wearer walks, bends or shakes their thang, the mechanical stress conjures up energy which is stored as voltage in a built-in battery where it can presumably be used later for charging the handheld gadget of your choice.

So, once this comes in a suit my dancing will be truly shocking……………

…………and as such will match my puns!

Via textually.

Image – James Patten