Volkswagen Crazy Bob – New Reason to Pray for Snow

VW Sled 2012 topSome of the UK has been hit by the white stuff already with the rest of us promised a powdering tomorrow – it may be time to head over to VWs website then.

You see, every now-and-then the Volkswagen designers put their skills to sleds instead of cars.

The most eye-catching for the boy/girl-racer must be the Crazy Bob sled which features the iconic Golf GTI branding.

To keep the price reasonable VW decided not to go down the carbon fibre route, instead opting for a sleek plastic unibody construction.

It sill looks quite capable of hitting the slopes at a decent rate of knots but not as flash as some that they’ve designed for Santa.

The Crazy Bob is priced at €64.9 (US$84) or you can keep it retro with a traditional wooden sled which also sports Volkswagen’s logos. The latter comes with the VW promise that it will fit into any car once it’s folded. The wooden sled carries a price of €49.9 (US$64.7).

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