Volitude Swiss Army Electric Scooter

There must be something not quite right when a nation seems obsessed by folding everything up into small, neater packages – not that I’m complaining mind!

This is the Volitude scooter which unfurls into a fully usable mode of transport in just a second – then you’re off to enjoy up to 18 miles of carefree scooting.

The Swiss-built Volitude takes four hours to charge fully which endows the collapsible contraption with the legs (or wheels) for those 18 miles of full power trundling. You could always engage the slower “walk” pace which is activated by pressing a button on the handlebar.

It has hydraulic disc brakes and inbuilt front and rear lighting.

When folded it measures 60cm x 85cm so small enough to get on the train, tube or bus without annoying the majority of commuters.

I’m just disappointed that there doesn’t appear to be a toothpick, corkscrew, screwdriver, penknife or even a bottle opener hidden within the Volitude.

What is hidden though is the price and availability.

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