Vodafone Services hit after Basingstoke Break-in

Vodafone services have been nobbled by assailants breaking into their Basingstoke exchange last night.

An unknown number of UK customers have been left without phone, text or data signals after a break-in at a technical facility during the night/small hours of this morning.

Looking at the rants on Twitter there still seems to be issues at the time of typing this with the south-west worse hit.

According to Vodafone the break in to the Basingstoke exchange centre has “… resulted in damage done to some of our equipment”.

Many tweeters have rightly asked the question about back-ups, security and if there’s going to be any compensation.

Vodafone insists it’s “working quickly” to get back to normal and, reassuringly, adds that there has been “no impact on the privacy of customers’ data“.

This outage seems to have had a knock-on effect to other companies that use Vodafone’s network – these include: Asda, Lebara and Talkmobile.

Let me know if you’re suffering radio silence!

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