Vodafone iPhone 4 not as Cheap as Expected

Vodafone – why oh why?

After an evening of complex maths (well, for me anyhow) basing my findings on your leaked prices to show who was the cheapest operator to get your iPhone 4 from you go and release your official tariffs and iPhone 4 costs – and they don’t match!!


OK, so your monthly charges are as they were in the leaked item but you’re charging more for the handset.

Look at the iPhone 4 on your cheapest, £25 per month contract for example: the 16GB now costs £219 rather than £189 for crying out loud!

Check the gallery for the tariffs and pricing info – click once to enlarge and then again to super-size that mo fo 🙂

I’m going to have to do some more maths now aren’t I?


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