Vodafone HD voice hits UK ears

Buster dogVodafone has announced that customers in the UK will now be able to enjoy the benefits of HD Voice when making calls between compatible handsets on the Vodafone 3G network.

HD Voice is designed to enhance conversations you make on the mobile network, so that people sound more natural and come through loud and clear.

Vodafone’s HD Voice, the tech is also known as wideband audio, is the result of a £1 billion network and services upgrade.

Normally, phone calls use a very narrow range of frequencies between 300Hz to 3,400Hz. While this allows for an acceptable call quality, the human voice can range between 80Hz and 14,000Hz. HD Voice ranges from 50Hz to 7,000Hz, which improves the sound to the human ear and thus making the calls sound more natural.

To take advantage of HD Voice you’ll need a handset that supports the wideband codecs used. This shouldn’t be a problem if you own a relatively new smartphone as the handset will automatically switch to the higher quality when you’re making a call.

If you’re a 4G customer you’ll also get the ear-pleasing upgrade as your phone will switch over to the 3G network when placing calls.

HD Voice is a seamless addition to the network, it costs you nothing extra and you don’t have to do anything to activate it.

Andrew Rosser, project manager at Vodafone, stated on Vodafone’s blog:

When you’re on the call, you’ll get a wider range of voice tone, so the voice will sound more like the person you’re actually speaking to, and less of a digital version of themselves. HD Voice filters out background noise too, so if you’re stood in a noisy environment like a busy street, you’ll be able to hear people’s voices more easily,”

When you’re taking a few moments out of a busy schedule to check that everything is ok back home with your loved ones, furry or otherwise, ‘Every Second Counts’ and a clear call will be a quicker call.

This rings true for business and consumer customers alike.

I am sure that we all know someone that would be pleased to hear our voice loud and clear.

Check out the video below to hear a special moment:

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