Voda iPhone – Another Network Joins O2 and Orange to Sell Apple iPhones

vodafone iphoneFollowing on from yesterday’s news that Orange will be flogging Apple’s iPhone soon here in the UK Vodafone has gloved-up in the red corner.

Vodafone has announced this morning that it will sell both the iPhone 3G and 3GS in the UK and Ireland in “early 2010”.

Vodafone, just like Orange, is still playing things close to its chest regarding costs.

So – another network joining in can only be good news for us, the buyer as this must surely start a pricing battle.

It is only fair, as I showed yesterday how O2 and Orange weigh up in the 3G coverage stakes, to show Vodafone’s UK coverage as well – so, check the gallery pic 🙂

Why not pad over to Voda’s Web site and register your interest?

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