Vizio 4K TV at bargain budget price [video]

Vizio-P-Series-4K-TVVizio is a brand with a decent record in the US TV market. Now it seems to be aiming at the more affordable end with its new 4K sets, which will start at a fairly bargainous $1,000.

Vizio has cemented itself a reputation for manufacturing some high-quality products at extremely competitive prices recently and, where there have already been tellies set at this price point, this might be the one for you if you’re bothered about brands.

The Vizio P series line-up will run you a measly grand for the 50-inch model and each five-inch bump in size ups the price $400, all the way up to the $2,600 70-inch set.

All the sets feature advanced local dimming, a backlight that consists of 64 Active LED Zones, and Vizio’s custom silicon. Reports from CES suggest that the Ultra HD telly dishes out peeper pleasing results that are “vibrant, sharp, and incredibly detailed.”

Is it time to take the plunge?

[youtube id=”7THKxOrzu2c”]

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