Vivitek HK2288 4K projector

Vivitek HK2288 angleVivitek has announced its new, compact HK2288 UHD-4K HDR projector. The company states that it packs an immersive 4K picture punch at an ultra-lean price point.

Combining UHD-4K resolution with HDR, the HK2288 promises eye-popping big screen detail and contrast with low-latency processing for movie fans and gamers at an incredibly enticing price point.

It’s also pretty good looking.

Vivitek HK2288 4K projector

Vivitek HK2288 black frontThis new projector from Vivitek boasts a sophisticated blend of advanced optical and cost engineering.

Powering the HK2288 is TI’s recently developed and acclaimed 0.66-inch 4K DLP DMD chip. This generates UHD-4K’s requisite 8.3 million pixels complete with DLP DarkChip3 and BrilliantColor.

Those latter bits of tech are responsible for optimal black levels, and vibrantly cinematic on-screen images.

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Clever 4K

Vivitek HK2288 front whiteThe chip’s innovative eXpanded Pixel Resolution (XPR) technology uses 4.15 million (2716×1528) mirrors. Moreover, they are capable of switching over 9,000 times per second to deliver two discrete pixels for each mirror per frame. Those are then reformulated through powerful video processing to map and reproduce the native 4K image.

Consider my mind thoroughly boggled.

In tests this technology has been able to fully resolve a 4K 1-pixel line pattern and is, by expert consent, indistinguishable from native 4K projection. Unlike the usual pixel-shifting techniques employing standard 1080p chips.

According to Vivitek, the HK2288’s UHD-4K pixel resolution is enhanced by the finer shadow detail, textures and highlights of an outstanding 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio involving up to 2,000 ANSI lumens brightness.

More tech

These impressive metrics and support for High Dynamic Range (HDR10) content help the 2288 to deliver a quality of picture immersion usually associated with projectors costing at least twice as much.

The 2288’s advanced video processing offers smooth upscaling and motion. Additionally, it also produces a low latency input lag (around 50 milliseconds). This is especially critical to an immersive gaming experience.

Finally, to round things off, the comprehensive gamma and colour management adjustments are available to optimise a wide REC709 colour space from a six-segment RGB colour wheel.

Compact and connected

Vivitek HK2288 rear portsSuper-compact when compared to the bulk of 4K giants. You also get a choice of white or black finishes.

The HK2288 is equipped with a usefully wide 1.39-2.09 throw, a 1.5x zoom, and vertical lens shift for trouble-free installation and set-up.

You also get three HDMI 2.0 inputs and dual infrared sensors positioned front and back.

Lamp life is rated up to 4,000 hours in Dynamic Economy Mode.

Price and availability

Vivitek HK2288 Home Cinema Projector will have a typical retail price of £2,499.00 (inc. VAT).

It will be available from December 2017.