Virtual Archer shoot anywhere – green tights optional

virtual archer bowArchery usually needs plenty of space and pesky safety guidelines. But, what if you could loose a quiver of arrows whenever you felt like it? Well, now you can thanks to the Orb Virtual Archer.

Archery is an old and still much respected sport. However, practicing such can prove tricky, let alone risky, in a small London flat or in the office. What if I could tell you that you could twang your bow wherever and whenever you wanted?

Strap on your green tights and prepare to want.

Orb Virtual Archer

virtual archerArchery hits the 21st century with the Virtual Archer. This rather impressive bit of kit takes the classic bow (although crafted in plastic and packed with technology rather than carved from walnut) and string buts adds a smartphone holder.

virtual archer bow landscapeAll you need is to download the free app to access some fab games. Next, pop in 2 x AAA batteries (not included) and connect your phone to the bow using Bluetooth. Now, you’re set up with up to 15 hours of game playing fun. Naturally, should you feel the need to wear green tights, feel free. Don’t let me stop you!

virtual archer aimWhether you’re looking to slay some dastardly dragons or become an ace at target shooting, the Virtual Archer will keep you happy for hours, both indoors and out.

Price and availability

The Orb Gaming Virtual Archer costs £31.95 from Genie Gadgets.