Violet dal:dal – Living Colours and Audio Micro Messages

Here’s another cryptic release from those strange folks at Violet – you know, those that brought us Mir:ror and the interactive bunny Nabaztag.

I remember the original Dal Lamp that was released 4 or 5 years ago had a rather hefty price-tag so I’m hoping that this new version will be a little more wallet friendly.

The all new dal:dal lamp should be ready for release early next year and, just like the original, will change its colours to relay different information.

Violet says that it, converts the “world’s ebb & flow and endless stream of events into halos of living colours and audio micro-messages.”

No exact release date just yet but, according to GeekLifeBlog, it’ll set you back €59, or about $75 – so they’ve actually knocked off a zero from the end of the price!!!