Vimessa App – Send Free HD Video Messages to any Device

If you’re wanting to Facetime someone that hasn’t got an iOS device then it’s just not going to happen – the next best thing though is Vimessa! Vimessa is a new, free video message app.

I’ve been messing around with Vimessa and it is remarkably easy to use and the best thing is that everyone one that you sent your personal video message to can watch it – not matter what device they’re using.

Vimessa is being plugged as the ‘world’s first video voicemail app for any mobile device’ and it allows you to send high-definition video messages for free to any mobile phone number or email
address in the world without interruptions by live conversations.

Unlike iMessage, FaceTime, MMS and other video message services, Vimessa works on any mobile device and computer.

“Vimessa is fast and convenient like texting, but much more personal because of the visual and emotional power of video,” says Peter Clark, CEO and Co-founder of Vimessa. “Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, going to a restaurant, a concert or any other event, Vimessa is the easiest way to stay connected with family, friends and colleagues.”

Vimessa is like texting, but more personal because it uses the visual and emotional power of video. People use Vimessa to stay better connected with friends, family and colleagues by sending video messages of the people, places, and things they care about the most.

If both users have the Vimessa app, videos are shared almost instantly. There is no limit to how long your vid is but Vimessa say that most users record videos between 30 sec – 5 min and you can send as many as you want. If one user does not have the Vimessa app, videos arrive in less than 1 min.

Your videos are also stored for free for 2 months, after which they are automatically deleted. You can obviously delete videos whenever you want if they’re to embarrassing to keep 😉 Alternatively, you can also choose to store your videos forever for only $19 per year.

You can view and reply to video messages whenever you want. If the people that you’ve sent your vid to don’t have the Vimessa mobile app, they’ll receive a free text message with a link to their video message.

This is ideal if you’re planning on meeting someone at a place that’s a little tricky to describe – just film the route and send it to them. Why not send your friends and family a personalised Christmas message?

The Vimessa app will be available soon on Android and Windows devices in the coming months. The Vimessa video voicemail app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store here.

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