ViconReview – Auto Life Blogging 30 Seconds at a Time.

ViconrevueYou update your Twitter and Facebook regularly and your Twitpic and Flickr pages are awash with little glimpses into your life.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get a specially designed camera for lifeblogging updates?

Say, a snap every 30 seconds?

The ViconRevue was developed to help stir the memories of Alzheimer’s sufferers, but now the Oxford-based manufacturer says that a consumer model could be out by next year.

Sling the cam around your neck and it will automatically take pics regularly.

The cleverness continues as it’s fitted with an accelerometer and light sensors that recognise new environments and will activate the shutter because something new and exciting must be happening!

Not only that but it also has a heat sensor to detect the presence of other people in front of the wearer so it’ll steal their soul snap them as well.

The ViconReview sports 1GB of memory so there’s plenty of room to take pics of the pub-crawl, the club, the person you tried to convince to go home home with you, the occupants of the night bus and finally the ceiling. In fact: 30,000 images.

A model aimed at medical researchers is expected in the next few months priced at £500, with a consumer model pencilled in for 2010.

Just remember to switch it off when you head to the toilets or the gym changing rooms yeah? 😉

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