Vic Firth Gourmet – Perfect For Seasoning Your Drum Sticks

vicfirthpg1Alright – let me just get this out of the way early:  Some drummers do have taste – and not just for Cider and/or Beer!

I have to admit though – putting the renowned drum-stick maker and gourmet condement mills together is not the first idea that springs to mind.

For those of you not familiar with the name Vic Firth:

“For a half-century, Vic Firth personified precision and professionalism as the timpanist for the Boston Symphony Orchestra. It was his drive for perfection that lead him to begin manufacturing his own drumsticks 40 years ago—and today, Vic Firth drumsticks are widely recognized as the best drumsticks in the world.”

To grind your seasoning all you have to do is push down the plunger located on the top with your thumb and that will in turn give you a consistently measured shot of salt or pepper when you need it.

They will cost all you cooking skin beaters and other kitchen gadgety folk $40.00 + p&p from the Vic Firth gourmet shop.